Koi Pond

TwoHart LLC We started our business when we tried to find high end koi pond equipment in Southeast Idaho. We found only a few places selling low end and mid range equipment that we were not interested in. We chose to use Evolution Aqua filters for our own pond. We visited the California company that imports Evolution Aqua equipment into the United States. We became the only seller of this equipment in Idaho. As a dealer of Evolution Aqua we also picked up many other products besides just the filters. We also picked up another distributor that supplies a large range of pond equipment that others sell, but as a backyard based business, we have a very low overhead and we try to pass this savings onto you.

Please keep us in mind if you want to build your own pond. We can help you design your pond for an efficient system to house beautiful fish for a long time. Please call or text (208) 557-8803 and leave a message to find out more, or to schedule an appointment. You can also email us at:

We can supply most of what you will need to build a pond and give you the best price we can, because this is our hobby also.

We can supply many items like the list below: